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June 2013

Study to Identify Strategies to Improve Roadway, Pedestrian/Bicycle Networks and Development

Subregional Plan to LaunchSeeking to improve the ways people get to, from and around The Energy Corridor is one of the goals for a comprehensive multi-modal transportation study that shifts into gear this summer.

The Greater West Houston Subregional Planning Initiative study intends to explore different land use and transportation scenarios for a large chunk of West Houston – from the Grand Parkway to Blalock Road, and FM 529 to Bellaire Blvd.

Ultimately, the planning study will identify a host of short- to long-range projects that can help improve transportation mobility in Greater West Houston, an area expected to grow mightily during the next decade.

The study will look at virtually all ways people get around The Energy Corridor and West Houston, from local streets and toll ways, to transit, pedestrian and bicycling networks.

The study will also look at future development scenarios. The idea, say study stakeholders, is to encourage responsible development choices, ones based on enhancing the overall quality of life within Greater West Houston.

Walter P. Moore is the transit consulting firm for the study. Walter P. Moore is also the General Engineer consultant to the Energy Corridor District and is now working on the New Freedom Grant sidewalk and ramp improvement project currently underway.

Project goals include:

  • Develop a consensus on the vision and growth scenario(s) of the Greater West Houston Region
  • Develop growth projections and alternative urban design and development concepts
  • Improve mobility for all modes of transportation, while balancing the quality of life for existing and future residents within the study area
  • Recommend best practices for transportation infrastructure and urban design to maximize multi-modal access to development
  • Protect environmentally sensitive areas & green spaces
  • Develop a transportation plan with a sustainability theme to help guide transportation investments within this region
  • Develop feasible and practical recommendations that can be easily integrated into other local and regional plans

Stakeholders for the Greater West Houston Subregional Planning Initiative include:

  • The Energy Corridor District
  • City of Houston
  • Westchase DistrictWest Houston AssociationMemorial City Management DistrictMETRO
  • Harris County
  • Harris County Toll Road Authority
  • Gulf Coast Rail District
  • Houston-Galveston Area Council
  • TxDOT


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Study to Identify Strategies to Improve Roadway, Pedestrian/Bicycle Networks and Development

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