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September 2017

Commuter Solutions  


Houston Carpool with CarShare

Sharing a ride with another person is one of the simplest and most effective ways to ease your commute. Houston carpoolers save money by splitting driving expenses and make better time thanks to free use of HOV lanes.  When two or more people share a ride it also relieves traffic congestion, reduces the demand for parking spaces, and reduces air pollution from auto emissions. It's a win-win-win!

Here are a few tools to help you identify a carpool partner: 

  • Waze Carpool has arrived in Houston! Enter your home and work/school location in your profile and indicate your willingness to share a ride or that you need a ride. Waze carpoolers can offer free rides or request reimbursement for gas money in the app. 
  • Metropia Houston offers an online carpooling service to match people willing to share an empty seat with those in need of a ride. Visit and enter your basic trip information; you'll be notified via email when a trip match is made.
  • METRO STAR's Ridematching service helps people identify potential carpool partners. Register here.
  • METRO provides information about High Occupancy Vehicle and High Occupancy Toll lanes (HOV and HOT lanes).