December 2017

Commuter Solutions  

Unclogging Major Arteries

The Energy Corridor District® is committed to responding to the transportation and mobility needs of the community by providing commute solutions and services for getting them wherever they want to go. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and employers of The Energy Corridor are encouraged to choose healthier, more eco-friendly transportation options all while saving them money in gas and improving their quality of life.

Try one of the above transportation alternatives to see which one works best for you, or contact us and we can help determine your best avaialble travel options by creating a personal trip plan for you!

Featured News


Two New Ridesharing Services in Houston

If you’re a driver willing to SHARE an empty seat with someone nearby or you’re in NEED of a lift from a helping Houstonian, Metropia Houston and Waze Carpool can help make the connection.

Upcoming Events

Sat 28 Oct

A Wicked Family Bike Ride

District staff will lead a fun, no-drop social bike ride at 11am during A Wicked Family Affair, a family and pet friendly Halloween Party in conjunction with the Farmers Market. Costumes are encouraged!